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YES! Center Stories in Employment: Alexa

My name is Alexa and I am 24 years old. I left my public school when I was 22 years old. When I was young my mom and dad always had me and my sisters do chores and work around the house. They also had me do activities in the neighborhood all the time. My first job was an internship at City Hall in Boston and my second job, which I still have today is at Coleen’s Flower Shop. I fill water tubes, clean up the floors and do some filing. I also order lunch for all of the staff.

I also work at TJ Maxx and started right before I left school. I knew when I was little that I wanted to work in a clothing store because I love getting dressed up and having everyone compliment me. I work in the back room but lately I have been asked to work at the front of the store greeting people and wiping down carts. I am part of the “back room team” and support the process of merchandise delivered to the store. I love what I do and the people I work with are really nice and helpful. My goal is to eventually work at American Eagle but I’m happy at TJMaxx right now.

My advice to people that are looking to get a job is:

Do what you like! My mom tried to get me to do different jobs but I really wanted to work in a department store.

Listen to your parents and teachers and do everything that they ask you to do to get experience. My school had me do many different things, some I didn’t like but I know now it helped me get to where I am today

Try public transportation and practice. I was nervous doing it but now I’m much more comfortable.

I’m still working on advocating for myself and my mom still helps me. Practice it and use your job coach or family to help you.

I love my jobs and am very happy.

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