Success Stories

Marvin’s Journey

My name is Marvin and I am 21 years old.  I graduated from high school in June of 2020. When I was in high school, I had many work experiences through school and with the help of my family. I worked at Café Arrowhead coffee shop. I had an internship with H2O Marine. I had paid internships in construction, food service, and cleaning boats. I am a people person! I have been active in Special Olympics, and this is where I learned teamwork and leadership. I was recognized as the Special Olympics Top Athlete of the Year for the State of Wisconsin. I like to work with my hands and in places where I can be moving!

I just finished a paid internship at a car and boat detailing shop. I was busy at work and learned more on following directions. I also work for my dad’s business and worked for a mini golf business last summer. The money I earn from work goes to my savings. My goal is to go to college at UW-Whitewater or Shephard’s College. I want to keep learning about new things. I did an interview at Home Goods last week, and now they want to hire me! I’ll be a part of the team!

My tips to young adults with ID/DD that are looking to get a job are:

If you like people, find a job where you can work with a team. I love to work with “the guys”!

Find a job coach that you like. I have a job coach with me part of the time. The job coach helps me to know what to do first and then what to do next. I like to take breaks with the guys. My job coach helps me to learn when to take my break and when to come back from my break. At work you have to follow rules.

Work is a great way to help other people. I am 21 and I am adult. I want to help people.  It is important to help people as an adult. I would be sad if I didn’t work.  Adults should work and help people.

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