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Almir at work

Meet Almir Through His Mother’s Eyes


Hi, my name is Shedia Tulic and I want to let you know I have my only son, Almir, enrolled in a Transition Program in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He has learned a lot in his two years from the instructors because they are dedicated and also from attending to the volunteer programs where his instructors took him.  When the program ended for summer break and he needed to start on his own, he did not want to attend first because that was out of his comfort zone and I told him, “Yes, let’s go!  You are going to get paid for your work.”  He started volunteering for six months and all that time I paid him from my own money to give him encouragement.  I am glad to let you know he is working two days a week, eight hours a day, and is getting a real paycheck this time.  I do volunteer while he works, I want to give him the confidence and strength to do his job.  When he is ready he is going to tell me, “Go home, I am ready to do it by myself.”  I love my son very much and this has been a hard step for both of us, but it has also taught me patience.  Sometimes I think I can’t do it but I think about Almir and that gives me the push I need to continue doing it.

My husband Harry is a photographer and he has taught Almir how to take pictures.  Harry bought Almir a camera and they go to fieldtrips to take pictures and also to festivals and car shows to show him all the different activities around.  It stimulates his brain and he learns about different cultures and people.  Almir now takes very good pictures and he enjoys it like his dad.

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