Devon’s Story of Employment – “I love my job!”

I love my job. 

I started working at Universal Cells (UCells), an Astellas Pharma company located in Seattle, Washington, in February 2018 as an Office Lab Assistant.  There have been lots of ups and downs with growing pains as the company has expanded. The changes with the COVID restrictions have been challenging. UCells is a biotech company, and that is really important during this pandemic, so it is essential.  My job is to deliver packages, stock supplies, label and organize things for the scientist. I was furloughed starting on March 24th around the time Governor Inslee closed schools in Washington.  

I started back in early June. My boss said things had been so hectic with some people working and some furloughed. She really wanted me back at my job because she “knew things would get done” with me doing my job. I was glad to be back, it was hard to be at home.  Getting to work was hard because I use public transit and I was worried. Now things are a new normal, staying apart, wearing masks, lots of hand washing and sanitizing, but it is great to be back with my co-workers being productive.

“Devon was really missed for the weeks she was out when COVID first affected work schedules back in March. By the nature of my job, I can’t do a lot of working from home and Devon helps me tremendously in my day to day. Everyone who was working on site missed having her sunny self around and we were all very excited when she came back to work. She is a big part of what makes UCells great.”

– Nadia Torres-Chinn, Associate Manger Supply Chain Management (Devon’s Supervisor)

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