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DC Learners and Earners initiative is aimed at improving employment outcomes for young people with intellectual disabilities. Recognizing that, to be successful this will require change at every level, DC is working with people with disabilities and families to build high expectations for employment and share tips for success; with neighborhoods throughout the District of Columbia to build community-based networks of support for young people; and examining where our government policies and practices must change. Our project is guided by person-centered thinking and the LifeCourse principles. We will partner with people with intellectual disabilities, including self-advocacy leaders in the District, and their families so that they inform and influence the planning, policy, implementation, evaluation and any revisions of this project.




Project Specialist
Rebecca Salon
State Office of Disability Administration (SODA)
Email: rebecca.salon@dc.gov
Telephone: (202) 730-1700


Project Manager
Montrel Tennessee
State Office of Policy, Planning, and Innovation (SOPPI)
Email: Montrel.Tennessee2@dc.gov
Telephone: (202) 730-1700


DC Learners and Earners Website

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