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It is the goal of KentuckyWorks to increase post-school outcomes (integrated employment; participation in post-secondary education; or both) for students with the most significant disabilities in our state by 20 percentage points over the five years of this grant. As one of the few states in the nation that measures the post-school outcomes for every student with an IEP exiting one year after school completion, we have both the baseline data and the data-analysis tools to track this measure for students with significant disabilities throughout the life of this grant. Project partners include the Human Development Institute – University of Kentucky (KY UCEDD), Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, Kentucky Protection & Advocacy, Kentucky Office for the Blind, Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities, Kentucky Office of Autism, and the Kentucky Autism Training Center.




  • Establishing a state-level employment work group that consists of the above partners, with representation from self-advocates, family members, and our state’s Regional Special Education Cooperatives, to conduct a statewide needs assessment, and develop policies fostering competitive, integrated as the first, preferred choice of youth with the most significant disabilities.
  • Conducting, sustained professional development and Communities of Practice focused on implementing evidence-based transition services, in collaboration with our partnering agencies.
  • Developing and disseminating information resources to families and students, as well as practitioners and employers.
  • Annually tracking and continually reviewing outcomes data related to post-school outcomes for students with significant disabilities to ensure that state level policies promote employment outcomes.




Principal Investigator:
Kathy Sheppard-Jones


Project Director:
Jeff White


Project Coordinator:
Jason Jones



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