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The Hawaii Jobs Now Partnership is facilitated by University of Hawaii – Center on Disability Studies in collaboration with Hawaii Council on Developmental Disabilities and the Division of Developmental Disabilities in the Department of Health, the Department of Education, and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation in the Department of Human Services. This Jobs Now Partnership (JNP), will develop a comprehensive set of evidence-based policies, procedures, and practices, which will be the foundation of systems change activities, that will result in an increase in the quality and quantity of community-based integrated competitive employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD).



The project will target youth and young adults with ID/DD ages 16 to 30 years who are transitioning from secondary or post-secondary school, or other pre-vocational settings, to competitive employment in integrated settings.



To develop and implement a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and practices that remove barriers, decrease funding redundancies and facilitate the transition process from secondary, post-secondary, and pre-vocational training settings that result in improved competitive employment outcomes in integrated community-based setting for the target population.



  1. Identify current, emerging, promising and sustainable policies, procedures and practices within Hawaii and nationally.
    1. A Community of Practice approach will involve the full spectrum of stakeholders to assist with shaping a new framework that will improve employment outcomes for the target population.
  2. Define and conduct a pilot demonstration to determine effectiveness of recommended multi-agency coordinated, career-pathway services and supports procedures.
    1. Develop training material related to person-centered planning and new policies and procedures.
    2. Provide training to staff across agencies, orient families and young people to the JNP approach
    3. Review, revise and modify approach based on feedback and outcomes.
  3. Recommend and implement a sustainable plan/legislation that will remove statewide structural, functional and financial barriers that impede competitive employment opportunities for youth and young adults with ID/DD



A requested $1,250,000 budget over a five-year period will assist to achieve the above goals that will address streamline services and supports for youth and young adult jobseekers and pilot test promising practices that may be replicated and sustained in Hawaii.



The project will evaluate the effectiveness of stakeholder recommended policies, procedures, and practices, braided funding, and implementation of these through community based pilot tests at various settings using both process (or formative) and outcome (or summative) components designed to track JNP progress. Outcomes will be recommendations for sustainability and statewide implementation of promising practices.




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