A Five Year Retrospective on the Partnerships in Employment State Projects, Part I: the District of Columbia, Kentucky and Massachusetts

Season 5, Episode 4 — 31 August 2021

About this episode

The YES! Center’s Dale Verstegen, Sean Roy and Laura Owens fan out across the Partnerships in Employment states for a five year retrospective on the PIE state projects. We put four questions to each team:

  1. Why did your state apply for a PIE Grant?
  2. What was the role of your Consortium during your PIE project and how will it continue after the grant period ends?
  3. What did you learned that would be valuable for other states to know?
  4. What are you most proud of as a result of you PIE program?

So today we talk with Rebecca Salon, Montrel Tennessee, Jeff White, Johnny Collett, Margaret Van Gelder, David Hoff, Sandy Jordan, Tricia Jones-Parkin and Kelie Hess.

This YES Center five year retrospective is in two parts. In Part I we talk with the District of Columbia, Kentucky and Massachusetts. In Part II we hear from South Carolina and Utah. You can find Part II of this podcast here.

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